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Simple Health & Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for a healthy Christmas gift for someone in your life? Check out the below for some simple ideas: Books – From thrillers to love stories, ...
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Children are NOT miniature adults

CHILDREN ARE NOT MINIATURE ADULTS Clinicians, coaches, and exercise scientists all agree that resistance training and exercise can be a safe and extremely effective method ...
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Benefits of Tempo Training

I believe everyone should include tempo training in their workout routine at some point in their fitness journey. Any exercise can be performed under tempo. ...
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Turning the Dial

What does it look like when things are DIALED IN?   When things are considered to be “dialed in” your life flows well, you feel ...
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Snack Smart

The term “snack foods” is often used to refer to processed, high-calorie items like crisps and cookies. To be defined as a snack, the snack ...
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Why you might be training ineffectively – Part 2

‘Junk volume’ Last week we spoke about a couple of reasons as to why a lack of rest might hinder your ability to produce good ...
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Core Strength for your Child- It matters!

Why is core strength so important for your child?  Core strength is the development of the torso muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of ...
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How Is Your Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact, it is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, there is ...
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Your period matters. Period.

“Women are not small Men. Stop eating and training like one” (Sims, 2016) This series will start on this note hoping to reach all female ...
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3 Steps to Put Your Phone Down and Pick Your Life Up

Do you have a phone? Of course, you do. But would you ever give it up? Of course, you wouldn’t. How would you work without ...
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