Follow a leader, not a follower.

Be true to you.

We’ve said this before, but nothing new has been created in the world of health and fitness in a long long time. Anyone preaching that they’ve found a new revolutionary way of getting stronger, fitter and faster, is probably selling a repackaged version of something which has already been done. 

At Activate, we don’t claim to have a magic pill to getting fitter, stronger or faster. But it’s how we go about getting there that truly sets us apart. 

There are many who try to recreate this, but if your gym is just being a follower and reactive, rather than proactive, then you’re only getting a second-rate gym experience at best?

If your gym isn’t sticking to its guns and improving upon their own systems, services and beliefs then what do they stand for? What are they really giving you?

Anyone can throw a few exercises on a board, turn up the music, start the clock and cheerlead from the sidelines. Upcoming blog posts will talk more about our coaching methodology and programming rational in further detail. 

At Activate, we set up systems and a clear focus and a fully planned and carefully laid out space for you to train in from day one.

This was very intentional and we’ll continue to grow on these over the years to come. We won’t however just blindly follow what someone else is doing because it’s popular.


The very same goes for you when considering your health and fitness. 

Nutrition, fitness classes, free time and relaxing are all things that you need to approach in your own way. What works for one person, may not work for you. 

That’s why we use the CrossFit methodology which uses broad and general fitness which can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness and ability in a community orientated environment to ensure you can get fit in your own way, at your own pace.


When considering what gym to choose when getting fitter and healthier;

Would you rather follow a leader or follow a follower?

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