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Summer’s Over, Time to focus.

No Time Like the Present For a lot of people, the summer months are a perfect time to loosen the reins a bit when it ...
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We’ve found Activate clients usually like to refocus on their goals as summer draws to a close, so here are some tips for Autumn health ...
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Overlooked Benefits of Exercise

People tend to look at exercising as only a way to build muscle and to get ripped abs but if you were to just take ...
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Activate Kids – Building stronger bones

HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD BUILD STRONG BONES! So, for today’s topic, how to build strong bones! It’s easy for us as adults, let alone ...
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Will Lifting Weights Make You A Slower Runner?

WILL lifting weights make you a slower runner? Weather you are reading this blog as a GAA player, road runner, training for an ironman or ...
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“I’m not Fit Enough”

“I’m Not Fit Enough” How many of you have said or thought “I’m Not Fit Enough” or even heard others say it? Quite frankly it ...
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Plyometric Training for The Youth Athlete

Plyometric training for the youth athlete In today’s blog post we will take a look at plyometric training and how it can be adapted to ...
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FUN ideas that are sure to get your child moving! It’s looking more & more likely that kids are going to be spending another little while ...
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What happens to your fitness during lockdown?

What happens to your fitness during lockdown & Post-lockdown Training The covid rollercoaster is starting to round the final bend and We can see the light ...
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How Much Will Your Habits Cost You?

Everything we do today affects us in some way, shape, or form in the future. I think we learned that when we discovered how bad ...
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