Simple Health & Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for a healthy Christmas gift for someone in your life? Check out the below for some simple ideas:

Books – From thrillers to love stories, autobiographies to self-help books,there is a book for everyone. 

Do they travel alot? Audible now do vouchers, this is a great option for those who travel daily or do not have the time to sit down with a a physical book. 

What if you have a health-conscious cook on your hand? Try a healthy cookbook or if your kid’s like to experiment in the kitchen, check out the below book:

Exercise Equipment –Skipping ropes, resistance bands, kettlebells, exercise bikes…. the list is endless.  A great choice for anyone who has become accustomed to home workouts over the last year. 

Fitness Tracker – You might know someone who has recently started running or who is becoming more conscious of their movement. They may like one of the many fitness trackers now available such as the Garmin, Apple or Fitbit. Or if they already have a fitness tracker, see if they would like a new stylish strap for their watch.

Earphones/Ear pods – A super gift for any fitness enthusiast, especially if you bought that Audible voucher!

Nutrition Coaching/Personal Training Voucher – Know someone who needs some motivation to get started with nutrition and exercise?  A kickstart with a nutrition coach or personal trainer might just be the best gift you ever get them!

Massage Voucher – Another voucher option that is perfect for anyone needing some rest and relaxation over the holiday break.

Workout clothes – Who doesn’t love a new pair of metcons or new workout gear? Find out what brand they like, have a sneak peek at what size they are, and check out the sales during Black Friday!

Gym Bag – Is there anything worse than carrying your water bottle, keys, phone, towel, shoes, etc. all with just your 2 hands? A gym bag is a practical gift for anyone who carries their life to the gym.  

Workout Diary/Food Diary – With all the apps available, sometimes there is nothing better than putting a pen to paper. If you know someone who is a little more old school, purchase a diary to track their fitness or nutrition or even better, both. 

Food Hamper – great for anyone who enjoys cooking. Try making your own hamper with a combination of the person’s favourite items or make a mixed hamper including some games they can enjoy over the festive season.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Stay hydrated and encourage water with a long-lasting easy to clean stainless steel water bottle.  

Reusable Coffee cup – all of those disposable coffee cups add up. If you know a coffee lover,  get them a reuseable coffee cup they can use daily. Most coffee shops now sell reuseable cups so check out your local coffee shop and support local


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