Before joining Activate, people often ask “What can your program do for me?”

A valid question I suppose as you want to know what you’re getting into before you commit, and maybe you don’t know what else to ask.

It’s also fun to answer, because I usually respond with more questions of my own!  

First of all, what are YOU wanting to do? 

Lose weight, get stronger, have more energy, look better naked?

Second, WHY do you want to do that?  Because your boyfriend said something about the way you look, all of your guy friends take their shirts off at the beach and you don’t, you’re having trouble keeping up with your kids at the playground?

Third, HOW does this make you feel?  Embarrassed, unworthy, old?

Guess, what!  Our “program” can help you with all of those things and none of them at the same time.

I realise it can be annoying to ask a question only to be bombarded by MORE QUESTIONS.  But the answers are important because they dictate how to proceed in a thoughtful manner.

The truth is, it’s generally not about the program at all.  It’s about you and your relationship with the training.  It’s about how you hold yourself accountable (or are held accountable) to your goals.

Sure, there are tried and true methods to losing weight, building muscle, and increasing your cardiovascular endurance.  We use those!

The magic happens when YOU show up to the gym consistently, when YOU make healthier decisions about your nutrition, when YOU reflect on your goals and communicate them with your coach, when YOU commit to the process.

Brian Foley

What our program will do is show you exactly where you are right now, and that’s everyday you walk in the door!

If you’ve been coming to the gym 3x per week for the last 6 weeks, it will show you confidence in your movement (in and out of the gym) and increased effort in your workouts.

If you’ve been meal prepping and dialing in your calorie intake (and or macros), it will show you how improved body composition can help make your workouts feel effortless.

If you’ve been focusing on your mental game and your inner dialogue, it will show you empathy and compassion for your efforts and those of your fellow athletes and increased mental fortitude with everyday stressors.

It’s a mirror reflecting back to you exactly what you put into it.

Sure, we offer a great program centered around evidence based practice, scientific princples of training, performed under the watchful eye of a professional coach and designed to increase strength, speed, agility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, etc…

But really what we offer is guidance through experience and coaching and it’s up to you to take action!

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