Navigating The Christmas Season

It is so simple to get swept up in the holiday season!

Christmas and New Year are widely associated with indulgence, the mix of social events and family gatherings can lead us to a much busier routine and we often allow ourselves to relax more which can be a great thing to do but sometimes, it can lead us to feeling uncomfortable in our bodies. 

How many of you have started January with the best of intentions hoping to go on a ‘diet’ that will undo the extra socialising and partying you did from the previous few weeks?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the extra sweets you had or that night out you had but sometimes it leaves us feeling a little off when January rocks around.

Did you know that  4 or 5 sweets from those holiday tins contain around 200 calories? And let us be honest, who stops at this?

Now, you don’t need to deprive yourself or eat only boring foods or accompany your treats with a side order of guilt. But you do need a plan!

Here are some tips to help you navigate this December and go into January feeling better than you have previously!

#1 – Get savvy about portion control. This is the biggest problem over the festive season. It is almost expected of us to overeat! Focus on having a balanced meal as much as possible and make sure to include some wholegrains and colour on your plate through fruit and veg. Your digestive system will thank you as these are two that often go down over the festive season!

#2 – Drink water and stay well hydrated, drinking at least two to three litres of water every day. Alcohol intake typically increases over Christmas so where possible, aim to have a glass of water in between drinks.

#3 – Get out and move every day, we are blessed here in Kerry to have so many places to choose from that all ages can enjoy. A family walk after a particularly filling meal or late at night can be brilliant for shaking off the cobwebs.

#4 – Swap the pints for a coffee. It is never about what you are drinking but who you are with and again we have some amazing coffee spots to indulge in in Killarney!

#5 – Try to stay in your usual routine and continue to go about your day as normal (without work if you are off!). Some days you may sleep in later which is normal if you are regular to our 6 am coaching sessions. But try not to sleep in until 12 every day during the holidays. Get up, get some fresh air and eat some nutritious food before having your Baileys coffee!


Christmas and New Year are all about having fun and not getting too stressed with everything. This year make it about good quality food, good company and most importantly your family and friends.  Make sure you enjoy yourself, share some love and remember that moderation is the key to anything to do with keeping healthy and safe during the festive season or any time of the year! 


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