COVID19 and YOUR health.

COVID19 and YOUR health.

This post is not to inflame, embarrass or scaremonger.
It is merely to inform.

We will state that the data isn’t that clear yet when it comes to COVID-19 and obesity. (Coming to such conclusions would take much more studies and research)

We already know most people who have died from COVID19 are either elderly or have an underlying health condition (higher still is both of these).

But where do the majority of these underlying (mostly Chronic, meaning they’ve been developed over a long time) health conditions come from?
Obesity, type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Renal disease, Hypertension.

Mostly these are called “Lifestyle diseases”, developed over many years of less than ideal nutritional choices, and lack of activity.

From current trends and data, It appears the biggest risk with obesity is those with metabolically unhealthy obesity (those who have hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc) and also class 3 (over 40 BMI).

With metabolic disturbances due to obesity, the immune system is also compromised.

Ventilation issues can also occur with excess fat. (Excess adipose tissue, particularly visceral fat, decreases the space available to your lungs in your chest which in turn decreases lung capacity.)

THE GOOD NEWS: You can start to do something about this.

What does this mean?
The practicality of the lifestyle recommendations we always espouse hasn’t changed.

We suggest you continue to work on being the healthiest you can be.

Right now the biggest tip would be to learn how to cook if possible (most of us know how to cook, but making balanced, healthy meals can take practice) since you’re already at home to get physical activity (do something you enjoy and you are more likely to keep it up) as much as possible and improve sleep quality.…

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