FUN ideas that are sure to get your child moving!

It’s looking more & more likely that kids are going to be spending another little while at home before returning to school, classes and sports. for that reason alone it is vital that we are doing all we can to keep kids healthy & active. Im here to help with some tips, tricks & games you can use to your disposable at home to keep them entertained & moving. 

Believe it or not, creating fun exercises for your kids in the early years of their lives is vital for how they will function throughout the remainder of their life. The quality of a child’s early experiences plays a significant role in the development of their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

If you have a child or children who likes to engage in active play more than likely they will stay active and be physically fit in the future. Balancing, walking, and playing are the foundations for your child’s strength and balance.


Below are 5 simple ideas that you can use to help keep your child active:


  1. Bunny Hops- Hop like a bunny around the house or set up a really simple obstacle course that they will perform in that ‘bunny hop position’. These hops will work on mobility and flexibility to get into that position and also lower body power when jumping up and down. 
  2. Musical statues- Play some music and have your child dance or move freely, when the music stops the child must freeze like a statue. This will work on balance and stability.
  3. Donkey- A great game for working on hand-eye coordination. Throwing the ball to one another. Don’t drop that ball or else you will add a letter each time until someone reaches the word ‘Donkey’.
  4. The floor is lava- Set up obstacles that the child must jump onto, trying not to touch the ground because that floor is lava! 
  5. Flappy birds- Children will find this one funny, make sure to play the song “Gangnam Style” and have the child jump around and flap their arms like a bird. A game of musical statues can also be implemented here and don’t forget to join in yourself! 


There is no end to what you come up with in keeping your child active. Keep in mind there has to be constant encouragement for your child to stay active. Dance, play and incorporate active toys, such as things like balls, rings and hula hoops. Keep practicing with your child and you will see a great improvement in their motor skills.

Happy playing, See you all soon 😀

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