Strength and Conditioning for Youths at Activate


Is it safe for a child to lift weights?

Yes it is 100% safe, Kids, Youths and Teens can handle and even benefit from strength and
conditioning (S&C) training. Please read this blog post to learn how your kids can complete
S&C training safely.

Most common questions/statements that are asked are these listed below:
“Kids can’t do strength training; they’ll get injured.”

“Won’t too much fitness training stunt my kid’s growth?”

“How can I safely help my kid train to be better at soccer, GAA, rugby etc?”

Yes, strength training for anyone can be dangerous BUT only if carried out incorrectly, So
here’s the truth:

Kids can strength train.

And they can also benefit greatly from it.

Fitness is important, but it also needs to be age-appropriate. The latest research tells us that
strength training is not only NOT dangerous for kids, it’s actually good for them if done
properly. (Surprise, surprise).

But wait, you can’t start a five-year-old out with a 20kg back squat right?

Correct !
Training for kids is only safe and beneficial when it’s age-appropriate, when it’s
progressive, and when they’re taught and monitored for correct form.

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Ages 5 to 11
During this, children should be introduced to multiple sports and activities. 
Placing emphasis on just one might be tempting, but it can lead to burnout, boredom, and
repetitive motion injuries. This is the time to teach kids fundamental skills for movement,
agility, strength, endurance as well as specific sports skills. 
This is when basic S&C training starts while keeping the sessions based on having loads of
FUN and being creative.


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Ages 13+
In this phase, teens can get into more advanced strength and conditioning training, but
focus should also be placed on socialising, building self-esteem, and developing a regular
and consistent workout or sports routine. 

It is important to place emphasis on regular activity, this will then develop an attitude that
will carry over into adulthood and prepare teens to live active and healthy lifestyles.
Although the teens can now start to train more regularly it is crucial to remember that a
“one size fits all” approach cannot be used. This is due to the reason being with any age
group there will be different talents, abilities and maturation rates.
So to conclude, It is never too early to introduce your child to strength and conditioning, in
fact it will benefit them and carry over into other sports they may enjoy. It is vital that every
session is tailored specifically for them and the correct form/technique is being used. We
here at Activate are highly qualified, experienced coaches that will follow all the above steps
to ensure your child moves safely and most importantly has fun doing so ! 

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