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CrossFit is an amazing training mechanism if it is applied correctly and Activate has perfected the “Art of CrossFit”.


You’re on the most amazing journey of your life. But it’s important to ensure you are strong and fit enough for that journey!

Kids & Youth

Our professional coaches will ensure your kids get the best start possible in the gym environment. We’re putting the FUN in FUNdamental.


Our masters program isn’t bound by age, it’s open to everyone. This program is ran by a physiotherapist and focuses on building strength and health for life.



A unique and innovative class using Concept2 Bikes, Rowing Machines and Ski Erg Machines. Want an uncomplicated and effective cardiovascular workout? This is for you!


Move is a fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven.

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At Activate we believe fitness is a journey that is unique for everyone....
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  Simple daily, monthly and custom hybrid options based on         what you want and need.