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We will get you moving!
Our Programmes
All our classes are built upon functional movements. The needs of the athlete and grandparent differ by degree, not kind.





Activate CrossFit

The home of CrossFit on the Ring of Kerry

Our CrossFit program at Activate is a functional strength and conditioning program with constantly varied workouts that are sure to provide superior results in all aspects of fitness.

We combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and endurance activities like running and rowing in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results.

We utilise everything from the basic (but all important) air squat, to the most technical Olympic lifts and make it workable for anyone at every level. Everyone receives the individual attention they deserve as a member of Activate.

Activate Bare

Our Bare class is a no frills training experience that will have you moving and sweating like never before! Based on fundamental movement skills, callisthenics and using mostly body weight exercise, we ensure every class is high on energy and high on fun.

Absolutely no training experience is required, as we can scale and modify the workouts to your level. So jump right in and get moving with our Bare class.


Activate Strongman

Don’t let the name fool you, StrongMan isn’t just for the guys, it’s for the girls as well.

At Activate, we have adapted traditional Strongman exercises like pushing cars, lifting logs, moving bails of hay, etc. to an indoor/outdoor training environment using specifically designed bars, tyres, hammers and weights.

Activate StrongMan is about developing functional and effective strength – similar to what you would use in everyday life. These classes offer something totally different leading to increases in overall strength, core stability, a higher aerobic and anaerobic capability, as well as accelerating fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Activate RowFit

Using our extensive range of brand new and top of the range; Concept 2 Rowers and SkiErgs and Air Bikes, this class will see you push your endurance and aerobic capacity to new levels.

Always challenging, but always fun this class is the perfect alternative to strength training on days when you really need to blow the cobwebs off and just go for a really good gas-out!




Barbell Club

Killarney Barbell Club

Olympic lifting class

The Olympic lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch) are the most technical and powerful movements in all of the sport.

At Activate, join the Killarney Barbell Club to master these lifts whether you want to compete in Olympic Lifting or simply develop more strength & power which you can transfer to your chosen sport.

Every sportsperson, from Gaelic Footballers to Rugby players, can benefit hugely from learning these lifts correctly and developing them.

Activate ROMWOD

We take so much out on our bodies that it’s good to give back. Ensuring your body receives adequate stretching and normalised range of motion about your joints is vital to promote good health and increased performance.

Increased range of motion can generate power and promote the efficiency of functional movements through improved position and posture.

Activate ROMWOD ensures you potential is optimised through the strengthening of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously removing excess fascia through specific stretching routines. Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid while simultaneously resetting the central nervous system.




Barbell Club


Join our restorative yoga classes and relax, increase range of motion and flexibility.