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Our inclusive blend of strength & conditioning is designed to get you in, get you fit and get you on with your life. We offer a variety of classes to keep your workouts varied and challenging. Book your No-Sweat Intro – a tailored introduction to our program to kick start your fitness journey.



"When I crossed the door into activate I was very unfit. Brian talked me through what to expect at activate and showed me that I would be able to do a scaled version of whatever the workout was I joined the on ramp programme and after 4 weeks joined regular classes where I always felt welcome and capable and best of all it was fun. Now I look forward to classes and each day brings me nearer to reaching my fitness goals At activate you will find the most amazing facilities , members and most importantly amazing coaches that want you to succeed , they believe in you and encourage you even when you doubt yourself. So whether your unfit like I was or just looking for a new challenge in your fitness call into Activate and you won’t be disappointed."


Angela Kerrisk

“Activate changed my whole mindset about getting fit. Brian and Roisin will adapt the workouts for you .They always make u feel comfortable in what ever your doing from lifting heavy weights to turning ur self upside down on the rings . All I want to do now is to get fitter stronger faster and that’s all down to this place. Thanks guys .”


Joe Griffin

”Activate is a wonderful community to belong to! There is always a warm welcome and a great sense of community in the gym. Small classes ensure you get alot of guidance from Brian and Roisin, who take a personal interest in everyone who walks in the door! Whatever your level of fitness, you will feel right at home in Activate. it’s a place where you feel like you belong! Thank you Brian and Ro for all of your guidance and encouragement!!“


Leana O’Brien

“Absolutely fantastic gym, I did a Saturday morning class and brought my 2 children with me to stay in the playroom. It’s fully stocked with toys, tv, dvd player and a box of dvds, my children could see me the whole time because of the rooms location within the gym and the large glass door. I would highly recommend this gym for people with children who need to get a workout done.”


Tommy Evans

“Activate is a top class inspiring community which caters for all and allows everyone to reach their potential, Brian and Roisin are coaches of the highest standards! I highly recommend Activate”


Eoin Howard

“Genuine community atmosphere. I can’t recommend Activate enough. From the second you enter the gym you are greeted by our two happy and encouraging coaches, as well as the growing community who will make you feel welcome immediately. (even at 6am) Top class coaching is matched by world class facilities; huge work out area, plenty of equipment, changing and shower space … as well as the voodoo miracle that is their recovery suite. The wide variety of class types and sheer amount of class times is sure to suit almost everyone’s work/school schedule…so no excuses! Beyond the excellent coaching and facilities, it is the community that Activate is building that stands out; everyone supports and encourages each other during and after each workout and as always … the last one to finish get the most support. So I encourage anyone who is looking for a fun and welcoming place to begin or continue their fitness journey to drop in and chat with Brian and Róisín and try a free intro class … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


David Lynch

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