Professional Strength & Conditioning

Work with a fully qualified, accredited S&C Coach


Activate is Kerry’s only private functional fitness facility to have a fully qualified ASCA & NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach on site. We are both experienced and highly qualified and can accommodate both onsite and offsite Strength and Conditioning, Athlete testing, Functional Movement Screening, Mobility and Nutritional Support Services for Teams, Individuals, Schools and Corporates.


It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen

We take a holistic and scientific approach to Strength & Conditioning. Having worked with athletes of all levels, from U8’s right up to professionals, certain truths are consistent. The basic skills of any game cannot be ignored, so the practice of skills is first. We think that training harder will not always guarantee results, but making a clear plan and training smarter, most often will lead to the desired outcome.

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Functional Screening

This screen is used to identify compensatory movement patterns that can lead to increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance.

Player Testing

We can test:

General Fitness

Speed & Agility




As well as using our exstensive recovery tools and practices, along with your physio we will design and implement a player specific pre-habilitation programme. 

Periodized Programming

We will design and implement a periodized programme to ensure your team exceeds its goals.

Strength & Power

Using our holisitc approach we will have your team at their strongest and most powerful. The body is one unit and should be treated as such, our training ensures your players are ready for any challenge.


We will plot individual and team nutritional plans and work with leading dieticians to ensure your team is fuelled correctly and enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle .