Let’s get YOUR fitness to where YOU want it.

Being a Mom is a hugely important job. However, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need time for yourself and to allow you to get fit and stronger to allow you to do all those other amazing things you do! You can drop your baby or toddler with a sitter, or bring them with you while you get a workout in, strengthening your body and meeting other mums in your area!

Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday mornings, with coffee and chats afterward!

We cater for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced moms, with no pressure to keep up if you can’t. You will always get a great workout, build the strength you need for, during and after your pregnancy, sweat and feel brilliant after each class!

Each workout is different, changing week by week to keep you on your toes, and are taught by Activate’s team of professional coaches, led by our pre/postnatal specialist Tara.

All you need is a pair of trainers, comfy gym clothes and water, we provide everything else!

Start here

Our ActivateMoms intro is a key component to your intake and start at Activate. We’ll sit down and discuss your goals, your lifestyle, pregnancy and your needs. The key word there? YOU. We have found that sitting down and discussing what we do here at Activate and giving you the choice on how you would like to get fitter is the most powerful first step you can take in your training regardless of if your motivations are to: Lose fat, drop weight, get stronger, be fitter, live a healthier and happier life, have an easier and better pregnancy or to get your fitness back to where it was pre-baby. Come in for a friendly chat and exercise and movement analysis and we’ll start your journey on the right foot!

Liked what you heard during your ActivateMoms Intro and your coach recommended you start in our ActivateMom group? Time to start training! 

At the beginning we ensure you learn how to move safely and efficiently. We care about your health, and ensuring that you are given the correct form and education is of the utmost importance.

You’re rocking it Mom! (Or Mom to be!)

You can always continue in our ActivateMoms group.

Or maybe you would prefer to work one to one for a specific goal, that’s great, we offer one to one training packages.

Or feel you’re ready to join our CrossFit group classes? Great!

Get ready to join in our fun and varied classes. Visit our MEMBERSHIP page to see which of our membership packages suits your needs.