Your health and fitness goals are unique to you.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you as a person, and an athlete (even if you don’t feel like one right now!)

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In this 20-30 minute consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and frustrations to find out what’s the best path for you.

No pressure. No sales pitch.

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Our “No-Sweat” intro is a key component to your intake and start at Activate. We’ll sit down and discuss your goals, your lifestyle and your needs. The key word there? YOU. We have found that sitting down and discussing what we do here at Activate and giving you the choice on how you would like to get fitter is the most powerful first step you can take in your training regardless of if your motivations are to: Lose fat, drop weight, get stronger, be fitter, live a healthier and happier life, excel as an athlete, gain more energy. Come in for a friendly chat and we’ll start your journey on the right foot!

Liked what you heard during your “No-Sweat”? Time to start training? 

If you’re new to CrossFit our one to one Prep Course is tailored to ensure you learn how to move safely and efficiently. We care about your health, and ensuring that you are given the correct form and education is important before working out in a group setting. Join our Prep Course, pick times that suit you and get moving like never before! You can sign-up for our prep course here.

You’ve just completed our prep course.

Maybe you would prefer to continue to work one to one for a specific goal, that’s great, we offer one to one training packages.

Or feel you’re ready to join our group classes? Great! Get ready to join in our fun and varied classes. Visit our MEMBERSHIP page to see which of our membership packages suits your needs.